Gume Group owns state of the art moving equipment, in our warehouse as well as loading docks, always looking to innovate to provide a better service.

Our main objective is to constantly invest in our equipment.

Our Equipment


    Warehouse moving equipment



    30 Ton Forklift.       10 Ton Forklift.

    18 Ton Forklift.       6 Ton Forklift.

    12 Ton Forklift.      4 Tons Forklift.


    Automatic Cranes

    50 Ton Automatic Crane.       15 Ton Mobile Crane.

    30 Ton Automatic Crane.       40 Tons Automatic Crane.

    10 Ton Automatic Crane.       50 Ton Automatic Crane.


    Other Equipment

    10 Ton Rolls Turn Over Machine.    

    Hydraulic Jacks to lift up to 225 Ton .

    Among Others...


    Shipyard Movement Equipment



    30 Tons Forklift.     

    6 Tons Forklift.


    Heavy Lift Crane

    100 Ton Gottwald Heavy Lift Crane for Shipyard    

    40 Ton MiJack Container Crane

    100 Ton Lattice Boom Crane.  


    Other Equipment

    Rail Car mover Tractor.   

    Clamshell Bucket Crane for unloading loose materials.


    Among Others ...


    Heavy Load and Oversize Load



Lowboy Trailers

100 Ton Capacity Lowboy Trailer.     

5 Axle Lowboy; 2, 3 and 4 Axle Jeeps.

150 Ton Capacity Lowboy.    

80 Ton Capacity Lowboy Removable Gooseneck Trailer ( RGN ).


Other Equipment

Single Drop Low Trailers with Air Suspension .

48’ to 81’ Extendable Flatbed trailer.

15 Axle Equipment (3x3x3).

11 Axle Equipment

Modular Directional Hydraulic Lines.

Among Others...



    Containers and Regular Shipments



    40´ Flatbed with air suspension.

    48´ flatbed with air suspension.



    Chassis to transport 40’ containers.

    Chassis to transport 20’ containers




    Among Others .