Global Positioning System

CCTV Technology

Satellite Technology

Our units are equiped with the global position system (gps) for security and easy location of the load of our customers. We also have a monitoring center 7 days a week, 24 hours. (24/7). Worrying about the safe delivery of the cargo.

In constat comunication with the operator via radio or celular phone with the monitoring center. And documenting information to ensure the security and integrity of the load and the operator. We also have the support of the monitoring center ANERPEV and together with the authorities.

Our operation is supported by highly qualified personal and technological infrastructure of last generation of hardware and software in the administrative and operation areas; this allows us to provide the best service for your company when you need it.

CCTV technology

Our infrastrastructure (offices, warehouses, yards, workshops) are equipped with ip cameras (cctv) continously monitoring and recording 7 days a week, 24 hrs (24/7). Providing exellent service and security of their goods.

  • • We have a direct connection to each terminal and through the website to monitor from anywhere in the world through internet.
  • • We offer cctv to give an ecellent service and security to the merchandise of our clients.
  • • This service is totally restricted as it is confidential information.
  • • The information is being stored in real time on a hard drive and a mirror for your support.
  • • We have infrared cameras for night viewing.


  • CCTv Tampico
  • CCTv Monterrey
  • CCTv Nuevo Laredo, Tams.
  • CCTv México, D.F.
  • CCTv Manzanillo, Col.
  • CCTv Guadalajara, Jal.